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Prashika Chand

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

This week’s #HustlinKween story comes from a very beautiful and talented girl who pushed herself out of her comfort zone to pursue her passion.

She is humble, she is kind and has one of the sweetest smiles on our gram these days. She is someone who has lived the literal meaning of the quote; ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.

Let’s welcome Prashika Chand who is also known as Shika and is the gorgeous face behind BeautybyShikaaaa.

Prashika was born in the beautiful island of Fiji and comes from a Fijian Indian background.

She migrated to New Zealand when she was 2 years old with her family. “I was pretty much brought up in a kiwi lifestyle".

From a very young age, Shika struggled to fit in the community. “ I was constantly being mocked by being chubbier than some, being darker and being a tomboy.

However I’ve always had a passion for makeup which one day led me to be more creative and passionate for makeup.Of course makeup isn’t a right or wrong thing, it’s being creative and placing things here and there. It’s about having fun really. I became more confident with my looks and my feminine side started shining through! I didn’t get much support then,

but I knew stopping what I enjoyed, wasn’t an option. I took an approach to ignore them and become something”.

Prashika went to study further after being qualified as a makeup artist as she always wanted to be more than just that.“Makeup artists really wasn’t a career back then. So I further studied my way into a Beauty Therapist.

I remember my first makeup session with my client, I was super nervous but I remembered to take a few deep breaths and do what I love. She absolutely loved it and couldn’t be more happier! From there on I shared pictures on my FB and started getting regular clients”.

Breaking her back a few years ago affected Prashika in a negative way as she was not able to carry out her services. “I was devastated and was put back from working, putting makeup on and being myself. I fell into depression with so much anxiety. Only motivation that kept me going was watching YouTube videos and social media.

From there I started slowly creating looks on myself and slowly started to regain my clients again. I eventually found a job where I’m a beauty therapist. My life turned 360, I couldn’t be more happy”.

Shika’s goal in her life is to have her own business. “I will provide not only makeup but all the beauty services.I’ve just started back up again and I’m not going to stop. It doesn’t matter how slow I grow, but as long as I don’t stop”.

Prashika’s backbone has always been her family and friends who constantly push her to be the best version of herself.“My clients also push me to upskill myself, learn something new. But do you know what really really makes me happy?

Is seeing myself grow and not giving up with my past struggles”.

“This platform gave me a chance to tell my story and I'm sure it will help many others. It’s a place to grow and uplift other strong females out there.

Together we can motivate females to be successful, shower with positivity and remind them that she’s unstoppable”.

To check Prashika's latest makeup looks, check her instagram page @beautybyshikaa

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