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Arishma Narayan

Sometime’s seeing other people hustle in our life inspires us to do something of our own, and when it is someone so close to us then we often get opportunities to make our dreams true through theirs.

This week’s #HustlinKween’s story is somewhat the same.

By profession she is a primary school teacher and on the other side she is fulfilling the needs of many

individuals with her indian clothing range at a reasonable price. They are always at the top of their game when

it comes to trending indian clothing or providing other services such as altering or tailoring clothes.

Let us welcome Arishma Narayan from Arishaan Creations in our Queendom.

Arishma is Fijian Indian and migrated to New Zealand from Fiji in 2003.

“Moving to NZ was hard initially because I literally spoke NO English. But now NZ is home and I love it here.”

“Being indian we always have SO many functions to attend and we constantly need new clothes. I was so sick of paying hundreds of dollars for it. My mum is a tailor.

She used to work full time and do tailoring on the side as a hobby. Word of mouth exposed her to more clients and it got to the point that she had to choose between her job & tailoring. She chose tailoring because she LOVES sewing.

I decided to team up with her and start my side hustle of importing clothes from India and reselling them at a reasonable price.”

Arishma’s proudest moment was when she graduated uni and got her dream job.

“I’m now a primary school teacher and love every little bit of it. My parents have been my biggest cheerleaders. They always support me and have my back. My partner keeps me grounded and allows me to see the reality of situations. They’re amazing.”

“I don’t know if i can call myself a hustler. I’m just working hard to be better everyday, working hard to fulfill my clients needs while ensuring I’m well prepared for my (very demanding) day job. I just want people to have access to Indian fashion without having to spend hundreds of dollars on it.”

To check Arishma's latest collections, check her instagram page @arishaancreations

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