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Ayesha Ahmed

I am so delighted to introduce this week’s #HustlinKween. She is such an empowering and beautiful babe who uses her platform to support Muslim Women in business ventures and she lives life by combining the two things she loves the most - travel and food.

She works full time in a Digital Marketing Agency and started blogging 3 years ago.

She created her website Ayesha’s Space, where she writes about things to do, places to visit and some amazing halal food recipes.

“Ayeshas Space serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world.”

She lives by the motto “live life to the fullest”. She identifies herself as a girl who is full of passion and loves exploring the world around her,

whether it's through traveling, food or spending quality time with her loved ones. In her spare time she also works at halal bites which is

a food directory to easily find halal restaurants in New Zealand.

I am thrilled to be having the lovely Ayesha Ahmed as part of this Queendom.

Ayesha is a Gujrati Fijian Indian but was born and raised in Auckland. Her parents moved from Fiji to New Zealand in the early 90s.

Just like most of us brown girls, Ayesha also had to deal with expectations of others.“Some of the struggles I faced and

I’m sure most brown people do if you’re always expected to be like others

and you're always being compared to people whether it be what you study, what you do for work, weight, appearance all of it.

This led me to have my confidence in myself blown at a really young age,

I would always question what I did and it made me become a really closed person, I tend to keep everything to myself which also led to social anxiety which to this day I still have”.

Ayesha’s proudest moment was when she graduated and got a job in her field immediately. This is one of her massive achievements.

Her attitude of never giving up really helped her through those long days and late nights and definitely paid off her hard work at uni.

“I never thought that I would get a job so quickly and I’m so grateful I did,

another moment I’m most proud of is graduating; this was a massive achievement for me as I did give up on myself after I got kicked out of Auckland uni

because my grades were so bad, this use to be something that

I never told anyone but now it’s a part of me and my success in life so far. Another moment I’m proud of is realising that (as selfish as this sounds) you have to be you, do you, for you!”.

Ayesha has been lucky enough to get support from a group of people who constantly pushes her to do better.

“With all the support I receive I have reached people from all over the world with my content I produce on my website

people still say why do I do it, but they don’t see the backend data I see every day. When your content reaches countries

you have never heard of before that’s makes you extremely grateful for the support”

To check Ayesha's latest projects check her instagram page @ayeshasspace

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