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Preeti Iyer

I am so ecstatic to be bringing this weeks story of our #HustlinKween.

She is one of the badass kweens who followed her passion and is fulfilling her dreams of changing lives

through skincare one client at a time.

She is another beautiful soul who is super supportive in our local community. Let me introduce you all to Preeti Iyer who is the founder of Frescura Beauty Spa.

Preeti comes from a South Indian background and moved to New Zealand from India in 2017 after getting married to explore all the amazing opportunities

the beautiful country has to offer.

She studied Bachelor of Business but later pursued her dream in the beauty industry.

Preeti is a qualified and experienced Beauty therapist ,qualified and trained in nail, lash and brows. She is also qualified and experienced in Art of Makeup and Hair.

“I am a qualified beauty and massage therapist who struggled with body issues and skin colour discrimination. I was constantly told I wasn't good enough, and that

my brown skin is not beautiful. As a young girl in my teens it was devastating”.

With the determination and the support from her family, Preeti decided to make a change for herself and the ones around her who suffer through similar skin colour issues.

“I wanted to spread confidence by breaking the barriers of old beauty standards and replacing them with natural and holistic beauty therapy methods.

I wanted to feel beautiful in my own skin by having a healthy lifestyle and healthy skin”.

“My goal was to make all my queens feel beautiful inside out through my relaxing face and body treatments. I worked hard to make the perfect ambiance to treat all

my lovely clients and make them feel at ease”.

Frescura BeautySpa is a peaceful place where you can relax, restore and rejuvenate. ‘Frescura Beauty was founded to give people the change needed in terms of techniques and experience, with high quality services and assured results at her home-based environment’.

“I have through this process learned to love myself again, I look up to all the beautiful queens around me who constantly uplift each other.

Such women give me more strength and courage to pursue my bossbabe dream

I hope each one of you follow your heart, and never doubt yourself".

To check latest deals from Preeti, check her page @frescurabeautyspa

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