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SukhKriti Mehta

It is my honor to introduce y’all to this week’s #HustlinKween. She’s bold, she’s courageous and most importantly

she flaunts her rich Indian heritage so beautifully and gracefully in today’s modern world giving inspiration to many

Indian girls looking for ideas on how to style their traditional Indian clothes in modern ways.

She is a girl who loves every opportunity coming her way and the results are seen through the content she has created in such a short span of time.

She comes from a tech background and is now running a business with her mother fulfilling her dreams of owning a boutique store.

She believes the products and content they create are bringing a lot of joy and empowerment to our community.

Let me introduce you all to the talented Sukhkriti Mehta from Kriti Attires.

Sukhkriti saw the joys and struggles of being an Indian immigrant very closely. “ I really enjoyed being able to make a family away from home with family friends, going through experiences together which made us overall stronger.

Like most immigrants, my parents, even though educated, were encouraged to do jobs that were not in line with their degrees and expertise.

Often being told that they were overqualified, or didn't fit the company culture or sometimes having temped for a while, being let go when a more "suitable" candidate came along. I have really seen my parents struggle to make a living here, but through all that, they never lost sight of their integrity.

It was my mother’s dream to have her own boutique store as she’d run a very successful one in Mumbai. Unfortunately, this dream was sacrificed, as many of our immigrant parents' dreams are, in order to create a better life for me and provide a stable financial situation.

Sukhkriti was bullied when she first moved to New Zealand therefore she tried really hard to repress her Indianness to try and adapt to the environment.

“I am most proud of overcoming a lot of self-hatred - whether it was about my body, my intelligence or my race. I still struggle with not feeling good enough a lot of the time!

But through a lot of inner searching, specifically through philosophy, I've come to accept things as they are but still strive to reach greater heights”.

Sukhkriti has always found support and guidance from her parents. “They say they know me better than I know myself and they might be right sometimes.

Most times they can tell when something is off with me before me even having to say a word. We've luckily come to a point where we are able to respect each other's

differing beliefs (I'm quite liberal and they're not as much) and be able to have open and honest conversations. And most of all, they always protected me from all their struggles so

that I could focus on building a better life for myself”.

Growing closer to her roots, especially her family made Sukhkriti see the beauty in how powerful a person can feel when they claim their heritage. “ As I grew up,

I made it a point to educate myself on my culture, our rich history, the atrocities and the beauty. This allowed me to take a nuanced stance on what it means to be an Indian woman,

growing up in a western world in 2020.

From being ridiculed for my culture, I am now a champion for it”

“I'm a hustler because I take every opportunity I am given and run with it to another planet. I am always doing the absolute most! I often feel like the whole world is against us,

so why should we be against each other? I want to encourage people to find and pursue their purpose relentlessly. That's the only way we will live in a more peaceful world -

when we're at peace with ourselves”.

To check Sukhkriti latest collections check her page @kritiattire

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