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Ella Dawson

This week I am bringing to you the story of one of the most supportive and talented #HustlinKween in our local community.

She is one of the kindest people I virtually met this year and honestly can’t wait to connect with her in person.

Her story is definitely one that would make you believe that anything is possible if you are passionate and nothing can stop you from making your dreams into reality.

Ella Dawson formed NewZealand’s first ever Indian clothing sharing site’, @DesipalNZ.

Her business idea is definitely a life saver for us brown girls who love indian outfits but don't like spending hundreds of dollars on one for each function.

Her business is loved by the young generation of ladies who like having different options at a much lower price.

Ella moved to New Zealand from England when she was 4 with her parents and younger brother. She identifies herself as a shy introverted person who has definitely had to work hard to overcome her social anxiety.

Her innovative business idea came into place when she started dating a Fijian Indian boy in 2016 and was introduced to all the indian goodies including food, clothes and of course the Bollywood movies.

“There’s many cultural differences however some of my favorites have been the close family connections and the fun indian weddings and events! (And oh my god the food 🤤)”

Indian clothing was a steep learning curve for her but she quickly fell in love with it. It took her very little time to realise how costly everything was.

“ I was surprised the utilizing of preloved clothing wasn’t more evident especially with the shift towards rentals in western clothing.”

With an idea to create a platform to share indian attire in New Zealand where you can sell, rent or buy preloved indian outfits, Ella launched Desi Pal NZ in 2019.

“As I started Desi Pal NZ, I realized how little indian culture is represented in mainstream social media but I have absolutely loved all the connections I have made with so many other boss ass babes!”.

Ella has a huge fear of negative reactions when people find out she’s not Indian.

“I spend so much time educating myself as much as possible on the culture and make the effort with everyone to reassure the idea that I’m all for celebrating the culture and I find it’s a good bridge to connect Indian culture into western culture so that more and more people are culturally aware! I have embraced Desi lifestyle as much as possible and binge watch Bollywood movies and dance my heart out to "Bole Chudiyan" every chance I get. I love my new culture and all the support from the Indian community in New Zealand”

“My partner Is my biggest support. He builds me up constantly and puts up with every meltdown I throw his way.

I’ve worked 7 days a week in healthcare for 3 years since I graduated at AUT, and prior to that I was working full time in the hospital while I was also completing my full time study.

All I know is health, so DesipalNZ is something brand new to me in so many ways!”

Some of the girls that Ella is constantly inspired by are:

“Sharndre Kushor, she is the ultimate brown girl hustlin! Supportive, understanding, willing to share her knowledge and wisdom too!

Sabby Jey, this girl is constantly working damn hard and is a new, but unbelievably supportive friend.

And Nida Khan, this girl has achieved so much but is so humble. She has been there for me since day one and I will never be able to repay her for her kindness.”

“I am really excited to see browngirlshustlin unite so many fabulous ladies doing their thing!”

To check Ella’s next set of rental collections, visit her instagram page @DesipalNZ

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