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Yashi Yamini

I am honored to introduce you to the first #hustlinkween on this page.

My babygirl, my ride or die, the creatives behind my businesses and someone who is amazingly talented, Yashi Yamini. Yashi moved to New Zealand with her family at the age of 8 from Fiji. She is an upcoming Fijian Indian Designer based in South Auckland.

“Ever since I was little I've known that I wanted to become a designer. I've always wanted a career that allowed me the chance to explore my creative side and one that would also challenge me to be better. Being a designer allows me to do both”

“There are so many creative people out there but the challenge has always been why me? What makes me different from the others?” Her motive to be different allowed her to experience in so many different fields. From dancing, singing, playing instruments, graphic designing, and creating logos, you name it and this girl can ace it. “I could easily say my go to people are my family and friends but without myself and my will to succeed I would not have made it this far”

“My proudest moment would have to be when my clients are happy with the work I create for them. The joy of being a part of their journey makes me happy”

“Our indian community has always undermined women and their power as an entrepreneur.

I think this is a good platform for all of us to help each other out and grow together” “I hope that my work gets recognition through BrownGirlsHustlin”

To check Yashi's latest creations you can check her page @ymini_designs

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