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Areshma Chand

After a loooong break we are back with our #hustlinkween series and hoping to finish off Season 2 by the end of this year. So let’s get right into the story because I missed writing it and I know some of you definitely missed reading them.

We are kicking off our Season 2 once again with a very gorgeous lady who is one of the most recommended makeup artists in Auckland. She is talented, she is courageous and her makeup skills are damn good. Let’s welcome Areshma Chand into our Queendom. The bold, the beautiful and one strong kween who thrives to do so much more with her talents in future.

Areshma is originally from Fiji but migrated to New Zealand when she was 6 months old.

“Being brought up in south Auckland throughout my whole life, I have always been surrounded by my own ethnic group around me which made me feel included in my society as a Fijian Indian. I love south Auckland, and I call this my base! It is where I made a lot of friends and learned not to forget my mother tongue. Sometimes growing up in this society is hard and I am sure all immigrants have faced the struggles of ‘fitting in’ which I can say that from my family as well. I know south Auckland is portrayed negatively, but I feel like most of the talented people have come from here and I have created amazing friendships and memories in this community growing up”.

Being raised by a single mother Areshma had an emotional journey growing up as she had to take care of herself while also becoming an independent person. “I have never disclosed my personal life on social media, but I have been raised by my single mother. In high school, I got my first job at the age of 18 and have worked my way up the ladder to be where I am now. It has not been an easy journey trying to find my hobbies, talents, and finding myself. But all I can say now, I have found my inner talent in what I love doing! There have been many obstacles I have faced in life, but the main thing in this situation is how to accomplish the struggles and overcome your fears to reach to the top”.

“Now when I look back into my life, I feel like one of the proudest moments for myself is being an independent woman and walking on my own two feet to success at such a young age. I have always worked hard since I got my first job where I saved up my money and paid for my own essentials such as buying my personal car and then going to university and getting a bachelor’s degree”.

To pursue her passion in hair and makeup, Areshma attended the Pink Orchid Studio in 2018 which is in Canada. Pink Orchid Studio is a ‘home to celebrate makeup and hair artists, instructors and innovators within the south asian bridal industry’. Further to this she was a artist participant for hair and makeup in Miss India Pageant.

“I have this motto in life where ‘if you love what you’re doing, you will always head to success’. It has all played an important role in my life where I can proudly say I have worked hard to be where I am now. But the journey does not end.

Areshma did an eyelash extension course in 2020. “ I tell myself that education is probably the most important thing in life and you can never stop learning in life or to grow your business! I always had a passion for anything eyelashes and I can’t wait to add that to my new services for my business. I know this is the beginning, but I can’t wait for what the future holds”.

Building something from nothing takes a lot of time, hardwork and patience.

“Honestly, building a business from scratch is not an easy task. It comes with a lot of hard work, tears, and struggles to get where I am now. As my platform is growing slowly in the coming years, I try to make content that I think people will enjoy watching on my page. And also offer new services which I know people will be interested in and are in demand right now”.

“All the hard work on my page would not be possible without my partner supporting me. He has been a total gem to me throughout this business, sticking by me, helping me with content, videography, and just motivating me to do better on this page for the days I feel down. Sometimes, I feel like I have struggled and end up on a low point in my life due to my page not picking up, etc. My partner always tells me not to worry about small details on social media and that one day ‘I will become the top’. He always motivates me on my work and tells me the wrong and right and is pretty much my boss behind this page. My partner has always supported my passion for hair and makeup and has helped me build my kit for my clients and have given so much interest in this business like it’s his own. If it wasn’t for him, I would have not been where I am right now because his support and level of understanding of business is outstanding and he has made sure I am doing the best I can to deliver the best for my clients and audience”.

With her partner’s support she took her risk to open up her own “lash line”.

“ I feel like that is probably the best decision I have made for this business. My passion for beauty and makeup do not stop here. I am so thrilled and captivated to launch more for my business and produce the best type of makeup/ beauty items for my audience in the coming years with all my hard work and love for it.”

“A female hustler is someone who is a strong and independent woman that has a lot of vision to where she wants to be in the future. I feel like that is me because being a libra, I like to balance things out and have always thought in advance about the future. I am all about supporting other people, helping them out, and providing the best I can for other people too. I feel like always being on social media sometimes can be hard and all you want is support from other girls in your community.

When Areshma first started her page, she struggled to put herself out there and was pretty shy but after being on the social media game for a few years now she has made some amazing friends through social media who have supported her from day one and now she is proud to call them her best friends. “I feel like what builds women empowerment is by supporting each other even if it's little gestures such as liking, commenting, and sharing each other's posts and having that genuine factor of love and support through social media. To uplift each other is such an important factor now in social media, and I feel like that can build and boost your confidence in so many ways”.

To stay connected to Areshma’s latest makeup looks and her amazing lash line, check her instagram page @devinelashnesnz @devinebeautystudionz_

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